When is the best time to go?

Time of Day? We can give you advantages to taking any of our 4 time options. The 10:00 am tour is the brightest, and it gives you a whole afternoon to do another activity. The 12:00 pm tour allows for a more leisurely morning, and it is usually the warmest. The 2:00 pm tour gives you time to take in a morning activity, while having a warm part of the day to dogsled. The 4:00 pm tour allows you to do more activity during the day (even skiing); it does get dark in December and January (the last half of the return trip), but it often has amazing sunsets or sky color – and it is very peaceful.

Time of Season? This depends on you – we can have great temperatures and snow in any month of the season, which runs from December to April. We have had wonderful snow in December or April (or any month in-between), and we can be above freezing any month, even January.