Why Book With Howling Dog

The Howling Dog Advantage

Things to think about when choosing a dogsled company:

Below are guidelines to help you choose the best company to fit your needs. We realize we are not a perfect fit for everyone, but by using these guidelines, we hope you will be able to choose a company that’s best suited for you.

  • Guaranteed exclusivity on your sled(s), which means we will not add strangers to your sled, or split up your group. When you book, you are fully aware of who is in your sled. Given the intimacy of the seating arrangement in the sled, most people do not want a stranger with them! With some companies, to be guaranteed just 2 people per sled, an additional rate is applied – you should not end up paying extra for it! Good customer service is essential to us; every client receives it regardless of what they pay!
  • We do not adjust the number of people per sled, we adjust the number of dogs pulling the sled. This means that families are not split up at the site to accommodate their sled configurations – this is determined at time of booking.
  • All of our sleds are professionally guided which allows you to participate at your own comfort level. You can learn how to harness the dogs and mush the team with a guide, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! We guarantee that you do not end up with a public person, whom you do not know, that has only had 30 min. of instruction driving your sled (this can happen with other companies). Unlike some other companies, we don’t believe that 20-30 minutes of instruction prepares you to drive a dogsled team. We offer the best guide to client ratio – 1 guide per sled!
  • Our programs allow for ample opportunity for dog interaction! You can harness the dogs, help hook them to the sled, feed them biscuits and water, help un-harness, and learn all their names as they are helping to drive the sled!
  • Interaction with the dogs and professional guides happens within minutes of arriving at the site; this keeps you warm and engaged for the duration of the tour!
  • No weight restrictions on groups of 2, and no physical ability requirements! Because each sled is guided, there is no need to run up hills! We can also accommodate many types of special needs.
  • At the half-way point of the tour, we include a snack of cookies, we also provide hot chocolate, with tea or instant coffee as an alternative. We provide this snack stop in the middle of the tour; this allows you time to get out of the sled, mingle with the dogs, take pictures, and warm up your toes by moving around and checking out the great views of the Spray Lakes. Because of the time frame at this break, a campfire is only available on our Dog Day Afternoon tour.
  • We only run our tours up to -25 degrees Celsius. In consideration of guest safety and comfort, we do not demand that people take the tour when it is this cold; we allow for cancellations (no payment is taken) and/or rescheduling.