Meet the "Dogs with Jobs"

Howling Dog Tours runs several sled dog breeds, the Alaskan Husky, the Siberian Husky and the Seppala Siberian. The Alaskan Racing Husky has been made famous by such long distance races as the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest. This breed originated from the villages in Alaska where racers crossed the hearty and beautiful Siberian Husky to other breeds such as the greyhound and setter; this created a breed well suited to sled dog racing and touring. Friendly, sleek and good natured, the Alaskan Husky comes in a variety of colors, sizes and attitudes! For a more in-depth look at the fantastic work ethic and physical capabilities of the Alaskan Racing husky please see the following linked article:

In the Howling Dog kennel, you can meet dogs from well known racers such as Sam Perrino, Ross Saunderson, Terry and Buddy Streeper, and Doug Swingley. From their early racing days (1989-1995), Rich and Dana have developed a great kennel of eager, friendly dogs; the working breed you will see are kept healthy and happy – it shows in their attitude!

Additions to the kennel and breeding lines are proven Iditarod and Yukon Quest veteran dogs – Whitney, Tanner, Gizmo, Flounder, Bullet, Enigma and Eclipse have competed in 1000+ mile races, and have found a great post-race career home within the kennel of tour dogs. The latest trend in sprint racing brings us a few Alaskan Husky/German Short-haired Pointer crosses; lean, floppy eared and fast, this super friendly cross breed adds character to the wonderful sled dogs in the Howling Dog Tours kennel. To complete the pack, you can also meet our pure-bred Siberian Huskies.

We feel that the dogs are the most important part of Howling Dog Tours. One example of the love and care we give our dogs is the fact that we only use professional guides to drive our teams; we would never allow an inexperienced driver to take the teams out without intense training.

At Howling Dog Tours, having a kennel of 200 dogs allows for great run/rest ratios during the day as well as during the week. With the advantage of having trained guides on every sled, there is the flexibility to change the strength of the teams to allow for more or less weight, thus allowing the dogs to maintain a nice working pace and our sleds have no need for weight restrictions. As proven with the Iditarod dogs, the Alaskan Husky is capable of handling much more than the runs they take at Howling Dog tours – doing their job is not a hardship at all and they do it with zest!

Learn more about a few team dogs below.

  • Kimo, sleddog with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Kimo is a Seppala Siberian and quite the ladies man, he was also the proud father to a litter of pups in summer 2011.

    Kimo is a great leader, he loves his job and interacts well with humans and canines alike... a good looking boy too!

  • Jessie, sleddog with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Jessie is one good looking sled dog... Howling Dog pink is her favourite colour!

    A Seppala Siberian, Jessie is gentle and very very cute. A little shy to start with she soon warms up to show you the love.

  • Hunter, sleddog for Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Hunter is an Alaskan Racing Husky and a total nutbar... the energiser bunny on steroids.

    He likes nothing more after an enthusiastic run than to be petted, and will return the hugs with relish.

  • Penrod & Monday, sleddogs for Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta
    Penrod (left) & Monday (right)

    Penrod is an Alaskan Husky and came to us from the Streeper Racing Kennel. He is the strong, silent type who likes to get his job done as professionally as possible.

    Monday is also an Alaskan Husky who was raised in our kennel, along with siblings Friday, Saturday and Sunday! She is a total sweetheart who'll melt you with her lovely character.

  • Aca, sleddog with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Aca is a Seppala Siberian who likes to chew harnesses, loves to run, and likes to cause as much havoc as she can.

    She has a beautiful coat and always looks right at home on the Spray Lake near Canmore, Alberta... while she's plotting her next bit of mayhem.

  • Wicked & Chase, sleddogs with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta
    Wicked (left) & Chase (right)

    Wicked is an Alaskan Husky, and as an alpha female she is the brains of the operation. Her photo shows her concentrating on the job in hand... this is one lady who won't be distracted easily from her sled dog duties.

    Chase is a Seppala Siberian, and nothing is too small or too insignificant for attention... if it moves it's worth chasing.

  • Enigma & Ruby, sleddogs with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta
    Enigma (left) & Ruby (right)

    Enigma is an Alaskan Husky with a great racing background, having competed in the Iditarod sled dog races. He is the steady brains of the operation type, and his post-race career running sled dog tours is absolutely perfect for this tough, loveable, and enigmatic canine.

    Ruby is a Seppala Siberian and a total sweetie, she'll melt you with her lovely character.

  • Cadabra & Screamer, sleddogs with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta
    Cadabra (left) & Screamer (right)

    Cadabra is a cross between pure-bred Siberian and Alaskan Huskies. She loves people, and will eagerly receive attention, she also loves to cause havoc, but works hard as a sled dog to get the job done.

    Screamer is a Seppala Siberian and he's just emerging from playful puppy-dom to settle down as an eager part of the sled dog team.

    These are two good looking snow buddies who like to check out the action.

  • Leah & Bugsy, sleddogs with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta
    Leah (left) & Bugsy (right)

    Leah is an Alaskan Husky who loves her place on our sled dog tours. She is a fireball of energy, but also a complete sweetheart.

    Bugsy is also an Alaskan Husky who we adopted from Yellowknife Pound as part of our commitment to give unwanted ex-racing sled dogs a good home, great second career and an eventual happy retirement. She really seems to appreciate her second chance, and always gives it her best effort on sled dog tours.

    Bugsy is also a star when it comes to trade shows because she loves people so much. She is also a big leaner, once she's sidled up to you she'll have her full body leaning against you in no time.

  • Patch, sleddog with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Patch is a Seppala Siberian, and as an alpha male is an aloof kinda guy.

    His big love in life, apart from running sled dog tours, is food. He has a beautiful coat and dashing good looks... and knows it.

  • Gabby, sleddog with Howling Dog Tours, Canmore, Alberta

    Gabby is a Seppala Siberian, and a wonderful sled dog. Purchased from a small purebred racing kennel, Gabby just screams to go! She works well in any position in the team - a real hard worker who loves her job!

    She is loud, super friendly, and a bouncer... when she's ready to go she'll be jumping 4ft off the ground with excitement.